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Why use a Business Broker?

  • Discussing your interests and matching your own personal criteria with a professional will save you time and increase the success rate of finding a suitable business.Confidentiality of information is vital and we at Excel Business Brokers are committed to maintaining confidentiality with both buyers and sellers.Allowing an experienced broker to help you through the steps of buying a business will assist you in making sound decisions.
  • Choosing a company with individuals who are professionally trained, have made a full-time commitment to business sales and have access to a large data base of clients means you have chosen someone who is dedicated to working with you in your best interest.

What is the value of a business?

  • Like real estate, a business is worth the value a willing buyer will pay in a free market.Most businesses are appraised utilising the Return On Investment (ROI) method and are marketed at this price.
  • Excel can assist with further information to guide new buyers. Arrange a no cost meeting with an Excel Business Brokers representative to get you started.

What is Adjusted Net Profit?

Adjusted Net Profit can be defined as the operating profit of the business before income tax and adjusted by the income and expenses that is characteristic of an individual owner. Adjustments of income and expenses are commonly called “Addbacks”.

What is Goodwill?

Goodwill is the difference between the total assessed value of a business and the “Tangible” assets of a business such as the market value of plant, equipment and stock.This means that adjusting the value of Plant and Equipment does not necessarily change the total price of a business, but is more likely to adjust the value of the goodwill and keep the total price of the business the same.

What are the TAX issues involved?

  • If a business is sold as a going concern, GST is not payable.Usually there are tax deductions for depreciation on the fair market value of plant and equipment.
  • Most businesses have legitimate deductible expenses that in effect add to the owners cash flow.
  • Always discuss tax issues with a qualified tax professional.

Why not start a new venture?

  • Most surveys show that at least 80% of new ventures fail in the first 3 years. Poor location, product quality, capitalisation and market knowledge are usually the areas causing this failure rate.These risks are significantly reduced by purchasing a quality business with a proven financial history.
  • With an established business you normally have an immediate cashflow from day 1

Businesses for Sale

When is the best time to sell a business?

The best time to sell is when a business is doing well and not to wait until after a business has peaked as the selling price can suffer.However, almost any business can be sold, if the sale is handled professionally and priced correctly.

What is the value of a business?

  • The value of a business depends on many factors- such as cash flow, asset values, financial history, condition of equipment and premises, favorable lease terms, competition, location, and the economy.By appraising a business and comparing sales within its industry, Excel can advise the most effective pricing strategy.
  • Most businesses are appraised utilising the Return On Investment (ROI) method and the business is usually marketed at this price.
  • Arrange a no cost appraisal with an Excel professional to get you started.

Why not sell the business myself?

  • For some businesses it may be appropriate (eg businesses worth less than $100,000), however for most owners there are sound reasons for appointing a professional business agent.Most owners find that the frustration, expense and time involved do not yield the success and cost savings expected when they try to sell themselves.
  • Many conversations end-up wasting time with unqualified buyers. Owners find it difficult to work directly with buyers while maintaining confidentiality. More importantly, many owners end up selling their business for much less than they could have received by working with a well-established business sales professional.
  • Selling a business is a specialised trade and risks should not be taken when it comes to selling an asset as valuable as your business.

Why use a full-time business sales professional?

  • Sellers benefit in various ways by utilising the services of a decicated business sales representative. The more significant benefits include:The ability to spend their time managing their business during the selling process, maintaining profits and therefore maximising sales price,
  • The ability to maintain confidentiality about the sale therefore not alarming customers, employees and suppliers or giving a market advantage to a competitor,
  • Step-by-step assistance through the business sales process; and
  • A professional agent will ensure that an adequate hand-over period is planned ensuring a smooth transition for the new owner.

Why should I use Excels BBS to sell my business?

Excel Business Brokers has a proven system for selling businesses with full-time, professional business brokers catering to the needs of their clients.When working with

Excel Business Brokers you receive:

  • Confidentiality
  • Maximum exposure
  • Pre-screened buyers
  • Experienced negotiating skills
  • Advertising expertise & Marketing knowledge
  • Business experience
  • Proven sales results

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Excel Business Brokers have been selling businesses in Melbourne for over a decade. We have achieved some outstanding results for our vendors over this period, many of those have expressed their gratitude through testimonials that can be viewed on our website. Principle Peter Hurrell, is licensed to sell businesses in Vic, Qld and NSW, which often proves to be an enormous advantage being able to list a business in all States.

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